Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jumping in with heart and mind

I am going to explore my thoughts around how I parent Saylor with the blog It's Ok and Mccrenshaw blog together they are hosting a Mindful-parenting-collaboration . I am going to participate in this project. I am feeling reluctant and aprehensive about participating in the collaboration. I think the feelings are coming from the unknown. What am I going to learn about myself? What am I going to learn about becoming a better mother to Saylor? I am also applying extra pressure to myself because although its not a requirement I am going to write about my experiences with the challenges issued during this collaboration. Knowing that I am going to document the challenges here makes me feel more accountable in my participation of the Mindful-parenting-collaboration . The collaboration starts on October 21 and will explore 20 different topics.

All right there it is out in the universe. I am going to enjoy it.

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