Saturday, October 22, 2011

Intial Reflections on Mindful Parenting Collaboration #1

I anticipated that taking part in Mindful parenting Collaboration was going to be challenging. What I didn't foresee was that the sense that my logical brain has atrophied in the 18 months since I last worked outside the home at my money earning job. Last night I started to read online about how values are defined or explained. I searched for some  information and I read it over and over before it felt like it sinking in. Following some of the links posted over on  It's Ok I began to get a grip on how values are defined. To me "values" has always seemed complicated or difficult to comprehend what the word really means. Then I jumped over to The parenting passageway and found a list of questions to answer and that answering these questions would help guide my journey on this inner work. (I see now that these same questions are also shared on It's Ok that just shows I am going to be re reading things many times) I am currently struggling to answer these questions.

I suspect this sense of  atrophy that is going on between my ears isn't going to go away but it is certainly going to get a jump start participating in this great project.