Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Switch in Some of my thinking

I have had this post hanging around between my ears for over a week now. I prefer to plan my blog posts in my head comming up with my titles and some of the subject matter before I start writing. I know other bloggers have a note book dedicated to this process. I think that's a great idea I also know its not something I would maintain. On to the real topic.

Over the last three or four months I have been gradually de cluttering and getting rid of items we are no longer using or have no reason to store for future use. I made a large donation to charity and I have been using a couple different swap 'n shop pages on Facebook to sell other items. I have even sorted through my son's toys in anticipation of a few gifts being received at Christmas.

The aspect of this project that inspired me write about the process is knowing I need resist the urge to go out and purchase more items with the cash from selling what I can. To curtail my spending I have made goal of buying Saylor a new bed by his next birthday in May. I know I need to save up at least $500 for a bed,mattress and bedding. With a goal in my mind it motivates me to think differently about the small amounts of cash I make from selling things here and there. If I hang onto the money it will add up and I can meet my goal.

Previously I would get a little money in and I would immediatly find a way to spend it. Now I need to recognize my goal and make that my priority. I am going to try to write down the items I think I need or want and then wait a week before I rush out and buy something unless its food related.

I am feeling really good with my progress but I also know I have more work to do. I find it really difficult to maintain my momentum with this de- cluttering project.