Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting stuck in the details

Yes, I admit it I got stuck in the details of the first challenge of the Mindful parenting collaboration. I didn't move past determining what my current values are. I would still like to write a mission statement for myself some times soon. There is a chance I was over thinking what I needed to do and because of that I felt overwhelmed with the weight of creating a mission statement.

What I did work was writing down my values and answering a few questions.

What do you feel called to do and to be?
Be a wonderful mother to my son

What are you passionate about?
Being a mother and allowing time to be creative

What were you passionate about before you had kids?
Creating with clay at first I included my job but husband pointed out that this really wasn't true

What are two strengths that you have? >
creativity, organization

How could you use these two strengths?
Organization helps keep a tidy home and creativity brings fun and art into our lives

How does your homemaking and raising a beautiful family fit into doing something for the rest of the world?
The way I raise my son impacts the world because of how he lives in the world now and in the future. My homemaking affects the world when I am dedicated to recyling.composting and making wise choices in our attitudes about consumption and commercialization

What are the things you model for your children that you are most proud of?
Organization, fun, joy, calm

If you had to name three things that are your top values, what would they be?
family, organization, creativity (I found narrowing down these 3 words very difficult it took my several hours)

As I went through and searched for my answers to these questions I also chatted with my husband about the questions and what his responses would be. I enjoyed those conversations a lot.

In the past I have taken time for meditation and yoga I enjoy both of these activities but at present don't do of them. So over the last 4 days I have been trying to breath a little more and felt better for it. That sums up my inner work for this week.