Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I say I a little too often

I have made an observation about myself recently and its a little disturbing. I have noticed when chatting with another mom that as they are relaying a recent experience with their child that I interject myself and I feel some how compelled to contribute my experiences in relation to what they are speaking about. Later when I replay the conversation it seems to me that I am being a little rude and awfully self centered. I am aware that I am doing this but I also don't seem to be able to just listen, take in the conversation and leave it at that. I wonder why this is? Am I a little too isolated? Maybe I do need more interactions with other moms. Does any one else find themselves doing the same thing?


  1. You're probably not alone in this. I remember a friend who when she had her child and even though mine were already a couple of years older, she didn't really want to listen to advice so much as bring in her own knowledge. I'm sure she listened, but only absorbed so much and would choose to apply to her own growth as a mom or not. It's an exciting phase of life and I don't think moms will judge you wanting to babble about it as much as possible. Growth spurts happen so fast now! One has to talk faster too, lol

  2. I definitely notice myself doing this too. I sometimes leave an interaction berating myself for not asking more questions.

    I wonder if we do need more interaction. Are we just bottling things up until we find someone to spill all our experiences and observations on?
    Maybe it's partly that, and partly we need some mindfulness practice!