Friday, January 13, 2012

Mindful Parenting Collaboration week #5

I have been so imersed in being my son's mother that I rarely pause to care for myself. The challenge for the fifth week of the  Mindful Parenting Collarboration was to take time for yourself. Mindful Parenting Collaboration

I did spend some time in the studio being creative. For me this time is energizing and meditative. I try to become absorbed in what I'm creating and truly enjoy the time. Another activity that feels like a luxury is a shower on the weekend. My husband is home and  I can shower  with door closed and by myself instead of my son sitting in his high chair just outside the bathroom door waiting for me to finish.

Lastly I have fine returned to work one day a week. I have returned to work due to our financial situation. I hadn't expected the time at work to feel like I was doing something for myself. I don't like to be away from my son for any reason. So far the two days of work have gone by swiftly and  I feel that I am making a contribution to our finances.

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