Monday, March 18, 2013

A moment in my day


This afternoon I decided to go out to pick up two items at two different stores. This was going to be a quick outing and something my son and I have done many times before. As we were standing in line at the tile to purchase the first item on our list. My almost 3 year old son did something he hasn’t done before and it scared me. My sweet curious boy bolted, he ran like he was being chased. My son who loves to play and cuddle with mom and dad he ran from our spot inline. I had a moment to react I left the money and laundry soap on the counter and ran after my son. Fortunately I was quickly able to catch him despite the fact that he was sprinting around corners and agile like a jack rabbit. I caught him and scooped him up in my arms. I gave him a kiss and quietly told him that we don’t run away from mom and dad in the store. I returned to our spot inline and paid for our purchase needing to fish out more coins from my pocket. My wiggly son at my feet ready to run some more.

I know this game of chase lasted less then thirty seconds yet the bright colours of the store and my son just in front of my is etched in my mind and I still have a slight butterfly in my stomach. When we got to the car I quietly spoke to my son again repeating that we don’t run from mom and dad in the store and his response was that he was playing a funny game. My sweet innocent son saw no harm in running in that moment. He loves to run and I think we may head outside into the early spring sun and cool wind and do just that.