Friday, June 1, 2012

My son is 2 years old

My sweet son turned  2 on the 19th of May. To sound a little cliche "they" say time flies and that "life will change" after a child joins the family. The cliches are true. I have experienced so many high and lows over the last two years. From not having the birth I had desired and struggling to breastfeed to watching Saylor learn to crawl, walk, and now run.  When I look back at his newborn pictures I hardly recognize him compared to now. His appearance has changed greatly.

Saylor at 10 weeks old

Saylor on his 2nd birthday

I spent a few months just after Saylor's first birthday questioning all my parenting choices only to realize that following my heart and "gut" felt best to me. After I reached this conclusion I was able to relax and enjoy my son more. Around the same time I started to learn about attachment parenting and this information made my heart sing. I had found a way to define how I was parenting. I don't prescribe to all the details of attachment parenting. I do however feel if I must label my parenting style this fits me best.

Some days I wake up and look at my sweet boy and have a sense of wonder how do I have a 2 year old? The time has flashed by and every moment is full of something. Every day we play, learn something new, have a range of emotions and experience. I am looking forward to a life time of living with my son.