Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Happy Week #3

Well it looks like I missed week 3 of Project Happy Week 3 on my blog. I had some health issues flair up and that has dominated my mind for several days foruntantly its under control. The biggest thing that is making me smile these days is watching my son learn to use one of these...
In case you aren't familar with this item its a Beco Potty . My son often urinates on the floorw hen he gets out of the tub so we started to offer him the potty instead. Now he is peeing on the potty a couple times each day.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Happy week #2

This is the original link to Project Happy . Here are a few things that made me happy this week.

- time at the park on a mild winter day in January

-drinking a cup of tea while its still hot
-sleeping in and cuddles with Saylor while he woke up
-beautiful pink roses from hubby

- while Saylor was assisting me to transfer the clean diaper laundry from washing machine to dryer he took a wash cloth and wiped his diaper area...was so funny made me laugh out loud..he was fully dressed at the time

Mindful Parenting Collaboration week #5

I have been so imersed in being my son's mother that I rarely pause to care for myself. The challenge for the fifth week of the  Mindful Parenting Collarboration was to take time for yourself. Mindful Parenting Collaboration

I did spend some time in the studio being creative. For me this time is energizing and meditative. I try to become absorbed in what I'm creating and truly enjoy the time. Another activity that feels like a luxury is a shower on the weekend. My husband is home and  I can shower  with door closed and by myself instead of my son sitting in his high chair just outside the bathroom door waiting for me to finish.

Lastly I have fine returned to work one day a week. I have returned to work due to our financial situation. I hadn't expected the time at work to feel like I was doing something for myself. I don't like to be away from my son for any reason. So far the two days of work have gone by swiftly and  I feel that I am making a contribution to our finances.

Please hop over to Mccrenshaw to read her reflections on week 5. Also don't miss the other blogs participating in this event they are listed at the bottom of the post.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project Happy week #1

I started the week off thinking I would make a note each day about what made me happy that day. I managed to do that for 3 days.  The other days I thought about it after I was in bed.  So here are a few things for my happy list this week. Also the original post for Project Happy
- listening to Saylor laughing
- creating in my studio  ( here's the link to my art blog Vanessa's clay adventures )
- a quiet day at home
- listening and watching Pete plat the guitar...while Saylor hops on and off his lap
- Saylor playing peek a boo

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Standing in the shower this morning while my son sat in his high chair just outside the door laughing and finishing his breakfast I had a light bulb flash off and on between my ears. This is one of the few moments I get to myself during the day and I try to pretend I am by myself for just a moment. This thought flashed in my brain that I have been trying to de clutter and organize my home yet I am wanting to buy shelving, bins and baskets to organize what we have.
I'm not sure how buying more items that I can't afford pairs with my desire to live with less. In some way it feels that my urge to de clutter conflicts with the other need of being more organized. At the moment I don't feel as if I have made any progress in clearing out the "stuff" maybe its my haphazard approach or the relocating the piles of stuff from here to there.

Now I am asking myself when or how much is enough? How do I get further organized without purchasing shelving and bins?