Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Play date for Mom and Son


When I found out I was pregnant with my son 3 years ago I soon found out that an acquaintance was also pregnant and our due dates were with in days of each other. Soon we began to spend more time together enjoying walks and play dates with our newborns. Our play dates have evolved over the last two and a half years. During fall and winter we meet at our friends home and the two toddlers attempt to play together and then they settle in along side each other playing with different things. Last spring we would meet at a local park or play in the backyard and enjoy the outdoors.

While the children play the two moms spend time chatting. The topics of conversation varies from Friday to Friday although truthfully I don’t think the topics are as important as the companionship is. We have now been having these very casual play dates for long enough that we are comfortable together no matter the moods or level of energy the four of us are feeling.

I always leave each of these Friday gatherings feeling calm, refreshed and recharged. It doesn’t matter if the kids have been screaming and we only had a few minutes to visit. This weekly get together with another mom who has similar views on parenting and is a great person all around is a high light of the week.