Saturday, March 15, 2014

Market Disappointment


Today I attended a local market with about 25 vendors about 10 of them were representatives for companies with premade products like Avon. The attendance was good with 300 visitors to the venue. I did make a couple sales covering my table cost with a tiny bit over that. I received many compliments about colours, designs and variety of items I make that feedback rarely translates to purchases.

It’s a sad feeling going home with the same amount of stock that you arrived at the event with. I put a lot of time and effort as do all the other vendors into preparing for an event. Barely covering costs makes me question what and why I attend these types of events. Exposure is good and so is being recognized and getting your name known but one can not buy new supplies or subsist on on compliments and poor sales.

After a day like this I’m tempted to sell the contents of my studio and move on.