Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tonight I Struggled

It was bed time for my son he was worn out and so was I. We got ready for bed as usual jammies , brush teeth and nursing. My wee boy oh he struggled and fought, he resisted every step. He didn't to sleep he asked for Daddy and Opa who are both out of town tonight and he asked for Nana who was sleeping upstairs. He asked to play and for the favourite stuffy who was upstairs. My son asked to go to bed so we did and there he tossed and turned, nursed and kicked, he cuddled and nursed some more. I was loosing patience with my over tired and over stimulated boy. My toddler who I love more then I knew was possible wouldn't calm down and I was wearing thin. Often when he struggles to sleep I give him to Daddy for a bit so I can calm down myself and we try again. Tonight after struggling for over an hour I swaddled my poor tired boy and we rocked and danced and he started to calm down we nursed some more and finally fell asleep. After an evening like this I am physically and emotionally worn out and yet I crave some time on my own. So after my little boy is sound asleep I gently lay him in bed and return to the computer to browse and chat with friends. I watch bad TV and attempt to restore my personal batteries ready for another day with my son who is learning new words every day and amazing us with the words he is stringing together and the connections he is making.