Sunday, September 9, 2012

De cluttering the struggle

I have been working on de cluttering and de junking our home now for over 6 months. We have sold and donated bags and boxes of clothing, books, toys, and extra blankets. I have also sorted out my studio and gotten rid of items I don't need or use.

Yesterday I sorted through 6 large storage totes full of my son's out grown clothing filling a single garbage with clothes to donate.  This led to a short conversation with my husband about whether or not we are going to have a second child because of course saving my son's out grown clothing is pointless unless we make that decision. I can't make to that decision so I keep those clothes and toys for the unknown future. How do I know what to keep and what to let go of? I have also learned that it is very easy find used infants clothing and other items so that is little comforting knowing if I get rid of the wrong thing I can replace it with little cost and effort. Yet I can't get rid of any more of mt sweet boys out grown clothes.

I recently went through my son's toys culling the collection. A few things were tossed, donated and put away for a few months to play with later on when he tires of what he has right now. I did this in anticipation of some guests arriving and bringing a small toy store with them. The guests arrived and so did the overwhelming gifts. Some gifts were opened right away and others put away until Christmas. Before our guests arrived with the generous gifts we had just enough space to store wat we already had. Now how do I store the new toys and coome to terms with what I find overwhelming and I'm certain my son does as well. I have a few options one is too keep the unopened gifts and open them at Christmas, I could sell or donate the unopened items and hope when the guests retun they don't notice the missing items and that the scene isn't repeated. I'm sad to say that I know for certain this situation will be repeated and despite our protests and explanations that my son has enough this will happen again.

I feel that I have put a good effort into de cluttering and de junking and yet i feel overwhelmed by too many items and objects in our home. I'm not sure that vetting the kitchen and having less cutlery and plates would be the solution. We entertain often and need the 10 plates and multiple utensils. For the same reason we need the bath and hand towels.

I suppose this is a journey and I am still putting one foot in front of the other walking my way towards the destination which is less clutter in my home.

I have been inspired by The year of less and my friend Deb Groom has started a similar journey which she is documenting here Penny pinched