Monday, September 10, 2012

Decluttering my social media

This is now my second attempt at this post it was almost done I was using spell cheque and then I deleted it some how very frustrating.

Several months ago I opened my Facebook page and noticed that I followed well over 1000 pages. I knew immediately that had to change. I followed so many pages on a variety of topics I couldn't see the things I was really interested in. Way to often I was seeing an item I wished I could purchase  and knew I couldn't due to finances and of course decreasing the clutter at home.

So I began the gradual process of un following all the pages that no longer interested me. Initially I had guilt about leaving those pages. I wondered if the pages owners were upset about loosing followers in some case that may be true but I needed to carry on deleting the pages I followed. I have also noticed that I have duplicate pages on my Google Reader. That led me to un following some blogs in Google Reader. Now when I open my reader I see about 40 pages instead of more then 100. This process continues for me . I am finding it tedious so there have been long breaks where I do nothing to change this then I find my motivation again and continue deleting and leaving pages.

It really does feel good to see more on topics I am interested in and experience less urges to buy items I don't need or have room for. I will also admit I spend a great deal of time on the computer some of that time does include chatting with friends especially in the evening when my son is sleeping its my way to connect with adults. I would like to spend less time on the computer and I haven't figured out how to let go of the need to connect. Something I will continue to work on.