Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An alternative to the New Year's Resolution

Tonight I stumbled upon a new blog I haven't seen before Practical Parenting where the author spoke about focusing on the happy stuff for the new year instead of making resolutions that we don't follow through. Her first post titled Project Happy launches a great way to think about the new year and a great way to focus on  even the smallest moment of joy each day.

I know personally this would be a great project for me to be part of. I could  really use this kick in the  pants and focus on the happiness in my every day existence. I also know that documenting my happiness weekly will be very challenging. It means changing the way I think and making an effort to comment on what makes me smile each day.

My happiness today was listening to my son laughing as I tossed him in the air and completing my gift to my husband...a few day late