Friday, October 12, 2012

Economic Storage Solutions


I have continued sorting and selling the clutter an unused items. This week a awkward wood trunk was sold, a spare oven for my polymer clay and related books and magazines were all sold.

wood trunk

this trunk is gone and I am not going to miss tripping over it

I feel like I am now making a dent in the excess items in our home although we are still left with plenty of things we need. I have been pondering how to improve the messy storage above my washing machine and I think I stumbled upon a inexpensive solution compared to the expensive storage totes available commercially.

I am going to collect empty diaper boxes or other empty boxes and cover them with paper,fabric or contact paper even patterned duct tape would look amazing but seeing as I want to do this as economically as possible I will try to use what I have or can get for free. I hope to gather about 8 boxes all about the same size and get to work.

Here are a few links for inspiration in case you want to try this yourself.

I will take pictures of the before and after and share them when the project is complete.